MixSoft CSGO Legit Cheat v2.1 External

MixSoft csgo legit cheat external v2.1 free download. Get the best VAC undetected wall hack glow, radar hack, and skin changer csgo hacks.

The new version of MixSoft free csgo cheat and hacks is been published on the unknown cheats forums. The cheat is working really well and is undetected from valve anti cheat.

There are multiple features provided in this csgo mixsoft hack, you can use an easy wallhack with a glow behind walls and props, can also use anti flash to counter enemy nade flashed while hunting them.

Mixsoft aimbot is the most exciting feature you will ever get, by this option you can headshot enemies with just one bullet and have 5 kills ace every round.

MixSoft CSGO Legit Cheat External Features

Below are some features you will experience after using the MixSoft csgo external legit cheat.

  • Wall Hack (Glow)
  • Radar Hack
  • Anti Flash
  • Bunny Hop
  • Aim Bot (Mouse Event)
  • Skin Changer
  • Knife Changer

How to Use MixSoft CSGO Legit Cheat External

Follow the Below instructions on how to use this free csgo legit hack mixsoft external.

  1. Download mixsoft csgo cheat from button download below.
  2. Unpack the rar archive and move it to a seprate folder.
  3. Start Counter Strike Global Offensive game.
  4. Run cheat file as admin.
  5. Enjoy!

IMP Notes

Using the hack

  1. Aim requires installed DirectX, in particular Microsoft.DirectX.Direct3D.dll & Microsoft.DirectX.dll.
  2. Run MixSoft.exe from the C:\Windows folder as administrator.

Skin Changer Config

The path to the config: AppData\Local\MixSoftCFG\SkinChanger


Special thanks to @krxdev-kaan (AqHax-CSGO) for the Skin Changer.

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