Kiddions Mod Menu Free GTA 5 Online 2022 Undetected

Hey gamers, after the new update of GTA 5 online most of the famous GTA 5 hacks have stopped working and if you are to finding one then you have come to the right place we have here kiddions mod menu free for GTA V online.

Grand theft auto 5 or GTA 5 is a most popular pc and console game with open-world multiplayer online gameplay, but after GTA 5 got free on epic games there is a huge surge in mod menu users and hackers in online sessions and to counter those you also need a good mod menu.

Kiddion’s modest menu is a very old and never detected free hack for GTA 5 online it contains many options like stealth money drop, rig slot machines, vehicle spawner, and trolling options.

What is Kiddions Mod Menu

Kiddions is a well developed new era of GTA 5 online mod menus, kiddions is developed by our friend from unknown cheats website kiddion he shared it for free to use on the cheater’s forum and is constantly updating the menu with every new patch update of GTA online I personally use this menu on my main account and never got banned if after using it for hours in a single session server.

Kiddions is the most famous mod menu and getmods net was the first ever website in back 2020 to introduce it to online players we shared it on our website and soon after that it went viral on youtube, no one can match the powerful features of this mod menu and it is the safest GTA online hack to get money drops and casino money very easily.

How to Download Kiddions Mod Menu?

This is really very simple to download the kiddions mod menu on your computer the only thing you have to do is follow my instructions and you will get your mod menu downloaded.

  1. First please disable your antivirus and windows defender becuase sometimes antivirus scans this files and remove them, this is obvious becuase this gta mod menu files are scaned false positive.
  2. Secondly download the file from bleow given download button link.
  3. Now extract the json and kiddion.exe to your desktop on a separate folder.
  4. That’s it now you have your own copy of kidions mod menu.
Version0.9.4 [Latest]

Kiddions mod menu features:

  • Rig slot machines and get mega jackpot everytime
  • Lucky whell always winning
  • RP instant push safe method
  • Fake personal vehicle anonymous and faked
  • Bunker hack
  • online protection from other modders in lobby
  • best undetected code
  • and many more

Menu Commands

  • “F5” – menu
  • “Numpad 5” – option confirmation
  • “Numpad 0” – back
  • “Numpad 8” – function up
  • “Numpad 2” – down function
  • “Numpad 4” – decrease the value of a given option
  • “Numpad 6” – increases the value of the given option

Frequently Asked Questions

Kiddions Mod Menu Free to Use?

Yes, Kiddions mod menu is a free-to-use GTA 5 online hack you don’t have to pay anyone for using this.

Is Kiddions Mod Menu Still Undetected?

Yes, the kiddions mod menu is undetected with patch version 0.9.1, we will update here if it gets detected.

kiddions mod menu how to use?

It’s pretty easy to use the kiddions mod menu, simply rung GTA 5 and double click on the modest menu file now press F5 to open and close the options window.

kiddions mod menu how to give money?

Open the kiddions menu and go to the casino options, select rig slot machine and join any available slot machine on diamond casino & resort, press tab to do a max bet and hit enter, by this way you will give yourself a huge amount of free money in GTA Online.

Is Kiddions Mod Menu Safe To Use?

Yes, it is safe to use the kiddion’s mod menu, and the new update will provide you more compatibility with safe and secure gameplay.