Slay Reborn 1.2 Free Mod Menu GTA 5 Online 1.61

Slay Undetected Free GTA 5 Online Mod Menu Download Latest Updated Grand Theft Auto Online Undetectable Hack.

The Slay Mod Menu For GTA 5 Online PC 1.61 is free and provides the most wanted features like recovery unlocks, money drops, troll options (not recommended), Money bags gun, and Teleport options, we will recommend using any cheat in invite-only private session only by this way you will be safe and other players experience will not be affected.

WhiteEagle and Solid developed this cheat. They shared it on youtube and other social media sites for free. The main thing I like most is the updates. Whenever the cheat gets detected, they update.

With this cheat, players can drop themself money, spawn vehicles. Most importantly, the recovery unlocks feature. You can unlock everything in the game, including heist vehicles, clothes, stats, rank without playing the game.

DeveloperSlay Reborn
Versionv1.2 latest

Another one of the Free GTA 5 Online Cheats is the Slay Free GTA 5 Online Mod Menu. Since the GTA 5 giveaway on Epic games, the slay menu has grown increasingly popular. WhiteEagle and Solid are developing and updating this cheat, and it receives regular updates that add new features and solve bugs.

They did not charge anything to share it on social media platforms like YouTube and other platforms. The most important aspect that I look forward to is the new updates. Players will be able to spawn vehicles and money for themselves if they use this hack. Most notably, there is a feature that allows for recovery unlocks. Even if you don’t really play the game, you can still unlock everything in it, including heist vehicles, clothing, stats, and ranks.

How to Download Slay Mod Menu

  1. Click the download button below and you should be redirected to the Earnfuse website.
  2. Complete the google Recaptcha test and click on continue, then wait for 8 seconds and click on the get link button.
  3. Wait for 15 seconds and file hosting website will show you the download link.
  4. Download it and follow below instructions on how to use it.

How to use Slay GTA Online Mod Menu (for safe version without recovery)

  1. Download Slay mod menu for gta 5 online 1.57 free from below provided link.
  2. Move the slay folder from downloaded zip file to AppData/Roaming/ folder of your pc.
  3. Now start gta v in story mode first and go back to roaming folder where you placed the slay folder.
  4. Double click on injector and you will see some commands working on gta.
  5. Open gta again when it says loading ytd.
  6. Done, enjoy the game.

How to use Slay Recovery Only version (risky)

  1. Download the recovery pack from provided link below.
  2. Extract the zip file on your desktop home.
  3. Now open xenos64.exe and inject slayrc.dll to gta5.exe process.
  4. Keys to open and close slay recovery is: F6 and use mouse to navigate.
  5. Done, enjoy.

How to use Both Slay Menu versions at the Same time

  1. After downloading both the versions place them at their mentioned locations.
  2. Now open slay safe injector.exe first and wait for it to complete process, go to game and check by pressing F5 if its opening.
  3. Now go to slay recovery folder and open xenos64 and inject slayrc.dll to gta 5 process.
  4. done, but i’ll still recommend you to not use recovery menu, rest is on you.

Download Slay Mod Menu Free For GTA Online 1.58

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  1. injected it into my singleplayer, worked fine but when I joined online, it gave me 2 million a second, and I couldn’t use the menu, so I got banned.

  2. Mod menu itself is so good. It crashes after about 30 mins, but i just get myself 20 mil and restart the game before it crashes. But after the summer special update both the 1.5.2 fix version of the mod and 1.5.3 version crash my gtav immediatelly after clicking inject. Most likely mod doesn’t support the new gtav update and i hope the new mod update will fix that.

    • Yeah, same for me. I think that the problem is in that the mod menu doesn’t support the summer update, and we need to wait for the new mod update.

    • I have been using a older version of slay for about 3 months now no issues whatsoever just be very under the radar on public lobbies or use a private with friends that won’t report you

  3. recovery works very well ( i keep it at 20mil per day and im not banned), everything else works very fine too. Only problem is that the menu crashes very often, less than version 1.5.2 but still does sometimes. Keep up the good work SLAY team.

    • Hi, The new version of the menu is buggy and game crashing after injecting it, that’s why we have removed the link [Read the message above the dl link]

  4. so i just downloaded launched and i get auto kicked from every session within 2 mins of joining it, I didn’t even use a single thing from the menu

  5. Hi, whenever i try to unlock all clothes the game crashes. When i go into clothes stores and buy something it just eats money and the thing wont be purchased. Sometimes when i buy something from ammunation, LS customs or other, the game freezes at the menu with the things to buy and i have to suicide with the mod menu to unfreeze. Any way to fix this?

    • i got over 600 million nearly 1 month ago and nothing happened yet i abused stealth money but never trolled or spawned anything or changed something

  6. The mod menu makes LS customs act like you have a duped car (as in not able to customize). I also think it is making purchases fail on the phone.

  7. The recovery option (money drop doesn’t work with an certain amount of cash only the stealth but not drops would be cool if we could like get 100 000 in 1 bag.