Free Osiris CSGO Hack Hack Aimbot, WallHack, Undetected

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Osiris CSGO Hack free download valve vac undetected cheat for counterstrike global offensive steam pc game.

Osiris free csgo cheat is an awesome csgo multi hack it comes with a lot of options like aimware and any other paid cheats aimbot settings, wallhack visuals, triggerbot settings, and loads of cfgs. Osiris is the best regular updating csgo free cheat currently and I personally recommend this to a player who wants to do some legit cheating in csgo

Osiris csgo cheat comes with free csgo aimbot, csgo wallhack, speed hack, and csgo bunny hop. this csgo hack is a complete pack multi hack with all the latest protection from valve anti-cheat vac so you don’t have to worry about getting banned while using it.

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Features of Osiris CSGO Cheat

  • csgo aimbot
  • csgo legit aimbot
  • csgo wallhack
  • csgo pro player hack
  • csgo backtrack
  • csgo triggerbot
  • csgo fov changer
  • csgo auto-match accept
  • csgo legit hack download
  • and many more features.


The OSIRIS CSGO aimbot is a free aim hack in csgo, with this hack you can easily auto-aim on enemies and quickly shoot them without having to click on the mouse button, the aimbot is configurable and you can make it look more legit and smooth in settings, so if your match goes to overwatch the moderator will notice you are using any aim hack.


The free csgo wallhack in Osiris multi hack is a legit wallhack that you can use to get info on enemy players’ locations, health, armor, and more. the module can also provide some more info for example you can see who is spectating you and have a glow on enemy models.

Osiris csgo hack
Osiris csgo free cheat

Osiris CSGO Hack How to use

  1. Download osiris csgo cheat from below.
  2. Extract the rar file using password 123
  3. Open csgo and inject dll to the game
  4. Press insert to open and close cheat
  5. enjoy.

Osiris CSGO Config

All config files are stored inside your computers documents folder location

Osiris CSGO Legit COnfig

We have shared here the best Osiris legit config with good fov and aim assist setup, we personally set up all this by using our knowledge of aimware cheat basically they both are identical to each other so doing setup is pretty simple, you can download the legit config pack from provided link below.

Zip Password: 123