CSGO FaceIT Cheat – Wireframes sv_cheats Undetected

Hey guys, are you looking for the working free CSGO FaceIT Cheat? Look no further! We’ve shared a new cheat for CSGO that is compatible with the FaceIT client and remains undetected by their anti-cheat system.

FaceIT is one of the most popular competitive gaming platforms for CSGO. It allows players to compete in 5v5 matches on their 128 Tick Rate servers. The reason it’s so popular is because of its anti-cheat system, which is constantly updated to detect new forms of cheating.

With our free CSGO FaceIT Cheat, you can use the sv_cheats command and wireframes during FaceIT matches without their anti-cheat system catching you.

Functions of Free CSGO FaceIT Cheat

  • Wireframes
  • sv_cheats 1
  • r_drawothermodels
  • Bypass FaceIT AC

sv_cheats is a server-side command in CSGO that allows certain cheats to be used when set to 1. These cheats range from simple things like adjusting the gravity in the game to cheats like wireframes.

A wireframe cheat allows players to see through walls, giving them an advantage by knowing where their enemies are at all times.

How to Use CSGO FaceIT Cheat?

  • First, Install Discord’s Windows client from their official website. Skip if installed already.
  • Navigate to this folder (C:\Windows\SysWOW64) and copy version.dll to a backup location.
  • Open Windows Explorer and go to the AppData folder of Discord App. (C:\Users\%USERPROFILE%\AppData\Local\Discord\app-1.0.9013) The location may change with different versions of the Discord app.
  • Extract the downloaded zip file and place version.dll in the discord app folder.
  • Now run Discord and CSGO.
  • Once in CS:GO main screen, press your capslock button and follow the on-screen commands.
  • Open the console in CSGO and type sv_cheats 1 and r_drawothermodels 2 one by one.
  • Press ok when prompted in the message box.
  • When done, type sv_cheats 0.
  • Now join Faceit or CSGO MM.
  • Again press ok when prompted in the message box.

If you have followed the instructions correctly, the wireframe will be enabled, providing you with an advantage in the game.

Note: The cheat is currently working on FaceIT, but the issue of whether it is undetected or not is still unknown. We suggest using it on a new account for a few days.

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