Apex Legends No Recoil Script Hack 2021

Hey yo gamers, today we have something special for you all, as everyone knows how hard is to control weapon recoil in apex legends game and it goes out of control I mean your mouse goes out of your desk when you try to shoot an enemy while controlling the recoil but your problem is over now because we are pressing you the best apex legends no recoil script free hack 2021 which will work and will remain undetected.

Apex legends is a new look of battle royal games with some extra added salt in it, you can play as any cyborgs character and use the charters special abilities to gain an advantage like super run and many more, apex legends is available for free to play on origin and steam marketplace and if you are a newcomer to this game then my recommendation is to use this free no recoil script for apex legends which will provide you total control over your in-game weapons.

Developer: sayoui001

Apex Legends No Recoil Script

We all are very fame with the term no recoil scripts, well if you don’t know about it then read carefully, apex legends no recoil script is basically a coding that automatically controls your weapons recoil this means you don’t have to pull your mouse every time you shoot the enemy the script will do all this automatically for you and will provide you advantage over your enemies.

apex legends no recoil

How to use Apex Legends No Recoil Script

Unlike any other hack or cheat we shared this one is very is to use, you just need to open the main provided file and play the game still, we have added some steps you will need to follow.

  1. Download the cheat from below link.
  2. Open and run the exe file as admin.
  3. Nothing to do here, the exe file will do all the process automatically.
  4. Dummy and new fresh account recommended as first use.

Recommended Settings
Enable mouse acceleration, Set mouse sensitivity to 1.4 and ADS to 0.7
Cheat Settings: Interval = 20, X = 8, Y = 6

Apex Legends Anticheat Bypass

We have also provided the anticheat bypasser in the zip file you will need to open and read the notepad for instructions on how to use it or you can do it manually without reading it if you are familiar with the software.

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Download Apex Legends Hack Free

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