Free Apex Legends No Recoil Hack Undetected 2021

Hello gamers this new and improved Free Apex Legends No Recoil Hack is new and currently going viral on the internet, you can free download apex legends hacks from our website with the security of our trust.

Apex legends is a most famous battle royal game just like pubg and cod series, but its a bit different because here you have different types of characters with special abilities on them like you can fast run, heal your teammates, block location to camp, and much more all this character you unlocks when you play the game and complete tasks.

When apex legends were released on the market many players got their hands on it most of them were twitch streamers, for example, the two of the most famous are NICKMERCS and iiTzTimmy both are the current best and famous twitch streamers with 5million+ followers alone on the Twitch streaming platform.

This Free Apex Legends No Recoil Hack is the best and never detecting cheat ever created for apex legends it will remain undetected because it is an Ahk macro script and no game will detect Ahk as a hack in their anti-cheat systems.

If you are finding a free apex legends aimbot hack then you can find it on our website we have a wide range of free and undetected apex legends hacks available.

Versionv0.7.2 [BETA] [FIXED]
Developerssayoui001 & Cyde

How to use Apex Legends No Recoil Hack

Below are the steps if you download know how to use Ahk based scripts and how to use them on game screens.

  1. First of all you need to download Ahk software to get this apex legends hack working so click here to download ahk setup directly.
  2. Now you have Ahk installed on your computer so its time to download the main files of apex legends no recoil ahk script links are added below.
  3. Extract the downloaded rar file on desktop use 123 as password of rar, now select version according to your screen resolution, suppose mine is 1920×1080 so i’ll will select 1920 rar.
  4. There are some files in every version of this cheat rars you just need to follow them.
  5. Now open NickAR.ahk and edit your sensi in it.
  6. Open and run NickAR.ahk as admin and soon after that run AHKHider.ahk as admin.
  7. Now open setup of free apex legends no recoil hack ahk and it will automatically injected in to the game.
  8. Done, enjoy your game.


V 0.2
– Add Rampage pattern. (Credit: file)
– Improve detection accuracy. (Still not 100%)
– Add stop script when in mouse is showing the menu. (Will be bug sometimes)

Download Free Apex legends No Recoil Hack

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