Apex Legends Cleaner – EAC/Origin Cleaner 2023

Are you banned from Apex Legends for using cheats? With the help of Apex Legends Cleaner, you can now get rid of your HWID ban! This cleaner will work for all the versions including Origin, EAC, and more.

I recently shared an Apex Legends Cleaner with a friend, who unfortunately got banned from the game for an entire year and it helped him clean traces of his HWID ban. Although I’m offering it to you too, please note that by using it you’re taking on the risk of being similarly blocked from the game for some time.

Credit for this cleaner goes to its developer: they saw a demand among Apex Legends players for such a tool. They decided to create a loader with built-in spoofing of HWID (Hardware Identification) serial numbers. It’s not my code, however. All credit goes into its CPP file.

Look for the files it’s deleting because Laurier said on UC that if it worked well for me doesn’t imply that it will work perfectly for you.

How to Use Apex Legends Cleaner

  1. First, download the file from the below button
  2. Extract the zip file to a folder
  3. Now run the cleanor.bat
  4. Start cleaning everything
  5. Press ok when done

NOTE: Please read the bat file (right-click + edit as text) to make sure it is not deleting any files or folders you might care about.

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