Super Power Grinding Simulator Script – Auto Farm & More

Are you looking for a working Super Power Grinding Simulator script? If your answer is YES, then look no further as you are at the perfect place.

The Super Power Grinding Simulator is a PvP fighting experience on Roblox where you must train yourself hard to become superhuman and destroy a falling meteorite with just a punch. Additionally, you can also take control of the city and become a hero or a villain by fighting other players.

In this post, we will not only provide you with a working script but will also guide you on how you can run it in the game.

So, without further ado, let’s get started:

Features of Super Power Grinding Simulator Script

Below are the features of the script you will experience in the game while using it:

  • Quest Farm
  • Auto Train
  • Get Power
  • GetHealth
  • GetPhychics
  • Auto Walk
  • Mobs Farm
  • teleport to Locations

List of All Working Super Power Grinding Simulator Script

Here is the list of all the working scripts you can use in the game.


This script for the Super Power Grinding Simulator will allow you to automatically train to become the strongest player and unlock superpower, health, and psychic abilities.

How to Run Script in Super Power Grinding Simulator?

Follow these simple steps to run the script:

  1. To run the script, download and install a working executor of your choice.
  2. Open Roblox and join the game.
  3. Launch the installed executor and press Update.
  4. Copy the script and paste it into the executor.
  5. Press the Attach button to inject the script.

This completes the process for the Super Power Grinding Simulator Script.

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