Tongue Battles Script: Auto Play & Spin Point Farm

Tongue Battles is a slap battle simulation Roblox game created by LDS Fighting. In this game, you must slap everything and everyone with your tongues. Each tongue has incredible abilities, which you can unlock by defeating other players and destroying objects.

A script for the Tongue Battles roblox game will assist you in automatically playing the game and unlocking different types of tongues by destroying world objects and eliminating other players.

Features of Tongue Battles Script

  • Auto Play
  • Auto Farm
  • Spin Point Farm
  • Attack Others
  • Instant Defeat
  • Unlock Achievements

This script will help you farm spin point wheel credits by attacking hidden objects without falling to dead ends.

How to run Tongue Battles Script

  1. Open Roblox and start Tongue Battles.
  2. Run the script executor.
  3. Copy and Paste the script into the executor.
  4. Inject the script into the game.
  5. Enjoy the game.

If the script is not working or crashes the game, try closing everything and relaunching the executor and the Roblox app as an administrator. Doing this should fix all the issues.

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