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Hey guys, now you can download the best free cheat for ROSE Online Hack from our website. This unique hack will provide you with automation power in the game to get all the skills and climb the leaderboard.

Players protect planets from Hebarn, the god of malice, in ROSE Online, a fantasy MMORPG with anime aesthetics. As they gain power, players will combat Hebarn’s troops worldwide in the cause of Arua, the goddess who created the planets.

Free ROSE Online Hack is a skill bot tool that can automate all aoe skill strikes, so you don’t have to worry about combinations.

ROSE Online, Rush On Seven Episodes Online, is a Massively Multiplayer Online Roleplaying Game. It was once published by Gravity Corporation, a Korean company, and was made by Triggersoft, a subsidiary of Gravity Corporation.

This hack gives muse and cleric classes auto-healing and can easily benefit you in fighting. Many people utilise it without bans. Auto-farming, a cheat feature, can speed up resource collection and save time.

Functions of ROSE Online Hack Skill Bot

  • Attacks with an Automatic Area of Effect for Parties
  • As a muse or cleric, you have access to self-healing and bonfires.
  • Picking up / Automated Farming
  • Auto-attacking while playing solo
ROSE Online Hack Skill Bot

How to Use ROSE Online Hack Skill Bot

  1. First, Get the most recent version of the Rose Online Hack from the download button below.
  2. Create a new folder on your desktop by extracting the .zip file.
  3. Start the cheat when you have ROSE Online opened in your browser.
  4. You must follow each step correctly to avoid being kicked out of the game.
  5. Enjoy.

Changelogs version v2.1.6

  • This release adds function-specific tabs to the user interface.
  • Launching now requires administrator access.
  • The bot has a “smart” auto pot. You pick how low your character’s health/mana can reach before using a pot.
  • The settings file can save and load this bot’s settings.
  • The bot changed significantly (and why it is version 2). The bot now reads from the game’s memory and gets values like health and mana to make decisions instead of merely spamming skills.

Winrar password: 123

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