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FishHAXZ is the best free Fishing Planet hack that you will find anywhere on the internet. It comes equipped with wonderful features such as flyhack, insta reel, big fish, and many others… Fishing Planet is an online first-person multiplayer fishing simulator that is both completely free to play and extremely realistic. It was designed specifically for anglers to bring the excitement of actual fishing to the virtual world.

It is safe to say that Fishing Planet is the best fishing game that can be played on consoles as well as on personal computers.

It has such a large amount of content that you could play it for hundreds of hours and still find new things to enjoy and discover each time you play it again. Fishing with other players is a fun activity that is not overly difficult or gamey thanks to the system’s sound mechanical design, which makes the activity engaging.

You will have a much better time playing the game as a result of having access to the Best Free Fishing Planet Hack. Additionally, click THIS LINK to view more of our fishing tips and tricks.

INSTRUCTIONS for Free Fishing Planet Hack:

Take note that this hack will only work with the Fishing Planet version that can be purchased through Steam.

  1. Get the FishHAXZ v4.2.rar file by clicking here.
  2. You can extract it to any location on your computer that you like.
  3. Get the Fishing Planet app started.
  4. Ensure that you are working with the most recent version of the injeciton.bin file.
  5. Check to see that the injeciton.bin file is located in the same folder as the FishHAXZ.exe file.
  6. While the game is being played, start the hack by pressing any key, and then press any key again to inject (it may take a minute depending on your cpu).
  7. After the injection has been completed, you are free to close the injector.
  8. Have a good time reeling in those massive fish!

How to use New:

  • You can use any injector you like to add the EzFishing.dll file to the FishingPlanet.exe file. (x64)
  • In accordance with the currently available version of the game: 4.1.0

FEATURES for Free Fishing Planet Hack:

  • Mod Menu
  • Flyhack
  • Big Fish Models
  • No Fish Fight
  • InstaReel
  • Disable Water
  • ESP (shows length, weight, and fish type)

Current Issues for Free Fishing Planet Hack:

  • It’s possible that big fish will get stuck with sharks.
  • When big fish models are enabled, rods that are mounted on rod stands will hook fewer fish.
  • If you are playing at a low resolution, the Mod menu and ESP text may overlap on the screen.
  • Rod pods that are elevated to a great height above the ground are ineffective for fishing rods.
  • If you place a rod on a pod that is very high above ground or very low to the ground, your character will be stuck in a slow animation until they reach the ground.

Updated Features:

  • Strike Helper -> Enables the “Wait \ Striking” message from tutorial (floater rods)
  • No Fish Fight -> Completely removes the fish fighting
  • Free Premium -> Enables Premium for your profile
  • Menu is opened from INSERT

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