Broken Bones 5 Script – Infinite Money, Damage & More

Hey guys, The new Roblox Broken Bones 5 Script that works is now available on our website for free, and This script offers the most valuable features which will help you get infinite money, XP, and more.

The Roblox Broken Bones 5 script by Booga offers players diverse powers, including unlimited XP and money. These perks are bound to provide unparalleled support in your Broken Bones gaming experience.

Broken Bones, a unique and underrated Roblox game developed by Zach Zaquille, involves players inflicting self-harm by jumping off cliffs. In short, that’s what the game is all about.

The game aims to jump off a cliff and break as many bones as possible, earning more money with each shattered bone. The more money you have, the further you can advance in the game.

Functions of Broken Bones 5 Script

  • Instant Bone Damage
  • Infinite XP
  • Fast Money
  • Highest Score

How to Execute Broken Bones 5 Script

  1. First, Launch the Rolbox game and keep it open.
  2. Copy and paste the script code to the executor.
  3. Attach and run the script to the game.
  4. Activate the options you want.
  5. Enjoy.
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