Blox Fruits Chest Farm Script Pastebin 2023 Working

Hey guys, Are you looking for the Roblox Blox Fruits Chest Farm Script? Look no further! We have a complete list of all the available Blox Fruit Chest Farm Pastebin Scripts available for you to use today.

These scripts for the Blox Fruits game will farm chests from different locations on the map in your current server. If you encounter a cooldown, it will automatically switch to another server to continue farming Beli coins.

The Beli coins in Blox Fruits are a currency required for purchasing powerful skills and weapons from stores across the map. You can obtain Beli by defeating enemy mobs, completing quests, or collecting chests on different islands.

You’ll need an exploit executor such as Synapse X, Valyse, or Arceus X to run the script. Select and install one compatible with your system and Roblox app version.

Functions of Blox Fruits Chest Farm Script

  • Auto Chest Farm
  • Anti Kick
  • No Cooldown
  • Server Hop
  • And more

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How to Execute Roblox Blox Fruits Chest Farm Script?

  1. To execute the script, follow these simple steps:
  2. First, Copy the script from the below button.
  3. Launch the Blox Fruits game.
  4. Open the Roblox executor and paste the copied script.
  5. Now, Attach and execute the script.
  6. Enjoy the game.

Roblox Blox Fruits Chest Farm Script Pastebin

Roblox Blox Fruit Chest Farm Script will collect infinite beli by farming chests from different island locations on the map.

getgenv().Config = {
    ["Select Team"] = "Marines", -- Marines/Pirates
    ["White Screen"] = false,
    ["Stop After Have God Chalice Or Fist Of Darkness"] = true

Script Blox Fruits Mobile Auto Farm Chest

This script will work for mobile with an easy-to-use GUI menu and no lag issues.


Chest Farm Blox Fruits Script Pastebin


Blox Fruit Infinite Beli Script


How Safe Are Blox Fruits Chest Farm Scripts?

Our team has tested the shared scripts and found no issues while using them in the Blox Fruits game. However, please back up your game data and save files before using these scripts.

Creating a backup of your game files will help you to restore the original files if anything goes wrong while using the scripts.

Recommended Executors for Auto Chest Farm:

Here is a complete list of the most recommended executors or exploits for Roblox scripts:

Krnl Executor

JJ Spoilt Executor

Arceus X Executor

Valyse Executor

Fluxus Executor

That’s it and enjoy the game.

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