Zombie Battle Tycoon Script – Inf Cash, Build & More (2023)

Hey guys, You have come to the right place if you are looking for a working Roblox Zombie Battle Tycoon Script. You can free download this script on our website and get functions to complete your tycoon and eliminate all the other enemy players with a single click.

Roblox strategy game Zombie Battle Tycoon is popular. Tycoons lead a squad of survivors against zombie hordes. Build a base, recruit survivors, acquire resources, and defend against zombie waves.

Zombie Battle Tycoon Players must make quick decisions about resource allocation, upgrade purchases, and survivor positioning to protect against zombie attacks.

Functions of Zombie Battle Tycoon Script

  • Auto Build Tycoon
  • Hitbox esp
  • Claim gifts
  • Player esp
  • Infinite yield

How to Execute the Zombie Battle Tycoon Script

  1. Download or update your Roblox script executor.
  2. Start the Roblox Zombie Battle Tycoon game and keep it running in the background.
  3. Copy and paste the script code into the executor program.
  4. Execute the script by using the injector.
  5. Go back to the game and enjoy the script hack GUI.
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