Undead Mayhem Script – Inf Ammo, Kill Aura & More

If you’re aiming to defeat endless waves of zombies and collect unlimited money, then you’ve come to the right place. On this page, you will find the best Undead Mayhem BETA script that will help you achieve all of this in no time.

Undead Mayhem BETA is a Roblox experience featuring zombies vs. team players, where you must defend your home base from never-ending waves of zombies.

Players have access to various types of weapons, which can be upgraded using money earned from killing or eliminating zombie waves.

Features of Undead Mayhem Script

Below are the features of the script you will experience in the game while using it:

  • Kill Aura
  • Auto Melle
  • Infinite Ammo
  • Full Bright
  • Infinite Jump
  • No Clip
  • Auto Upgrades
  • Collect Money

List of All Working Undead Mayhem Script

Here is the list of all the working scripts you can use in the game.

Undead Mayhem Kill Aura & Infinite Ammo Script:


This script is created by Tora, He is a trusted developer known for scripts for small Roblox games. All of his scripts are keyless, meaning you won’t have to generate a key from a sketchy website to use the script.

How to Run Script in Undead Mayhem?

Follow these simple steps to run the script:

  1. To run the script, download and install a working executor of your choice.
  2. Open Roblox and join the game.
  3. Launch the installed executor and press Update.
  4. Copy the script and paste it into the executor.
  5. Press the Attach button to inject the script.

This completes the process for the Undead Mayhem Script.

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