SharpMonoInjector Updated v2.5

SharpMonoInjector Fixed and Updated to version 2.5, working with all games and cheats, easy to use, and GitHub open source.

What is SharpMonoInjector

SharpMono Injector is a tool for adding assemblies to Mono-embedded programs, like games made with the Unity Engine. Most of the time, the target process does not need to be restarted for a new version of the assembly to be injected. Your unload method’s resources must be destroyed (such as game objects).

SharpMonoInjector dynamically actually creates machine code, writes it to the target process, and executes it with CreateRemoteThread. Function calls are made using the mono-embedded API. Use ReadProcessMemory to retrieve the return value.

Sharp Mono Injector has been updated to fix the process detection bug, the x86/x64 detection bug, and a few efficiencies improved. His injection engine received no modifications other than some additional error checking. Built on Net 4.0 for those still on Win7 and unable to run NetStandard 2.0. Because he didn’t include any privilege checks, I added some, and the GUI version will now restart as Admin. You’ll get a warning and instructions on how to ‘fix’ the game on the console version. Navigate to the game.exe and select the Properties->Compatibility tab. Uncheck the box that says “Run this program as Administrator.”

Some developers believe that ‘elevating the privileges’ will prevent most people from injecting unless the injector is also run as Admin. Unchecking this box returns the game to an average user process. Alternatively, run the injector as Administrator. This is why I enjoy using syscalls and ACP techniques.

Download SharpMonoInjector Fix Updated

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