Sea of Thieves AHK Script Hack

Sea of thieves is a popular online multiplayer pirate life game with some cool and funky looking graphics, it’s an easy and enjoyable game which you can play with your friends and have some fun traveling through a big open world sea map, and if you are finding a best free sea of thieves AHK script multi hack then you have come to the right place.

This SOT free AHK multi hack is free to use and even you can uncompress it to see the source code and customize it according to your taste or liking because this cheat is really very easy to use.

Last Update30th July 2021

Can I get banned from using this sot cheat:

The answer for this question is both no and yes, I say no because it is an AHK (auto hotkey) program script, and is not designed to do this all but with some code, we can make it work as hacks or what we call it is AHK script hack so because of this there is 90% chance that you will not get banned while using it, and 10% chance depends on how you use it.

Features of Sea of Thieves AHK Script:

  • Ladder shot
  • Rowboat script
  • Freez and unfreez game
  • Auto digging
  • Canon reload
  • Anti AFK
  • Auto bucket
  • Reload gun faster
  • BHOP script
  • and many more

How to use sea of thieves ahk hack

  1. First you need to download AHK programm from this link.
  2. Now open the game and go back to where you have placed the downloaded cheat file.
  3. Now simply run the sot ahk hack and use below keybinds to activate.
  4. Done, enjoy.


• Ladder Shot: Ctrl + C
• Rowboat Script: Ctrl + F5 (Toggle ON/OFF)
• Sensitivity Adjuster: Ctrl + F6
• Move loot from Barrel (Top) to Crate: Ctrl + F3
• Move loot from Crate to Barrel (Top): Hold Ctrl + F4
• Crosshair: F2 = On, F1 = Off
• Double Gun: C
• Bhop: Hold Space
• Auto Digging: Ctrl + G
• Reload Gun Faster: Ctrl + J (Toggle ON/OFF)
• Barrel Auto Collect: Ctrl + F
• Loot Sprint: Hold V
• Anti-AFK: Ctrl + F12 (Toggle ON/OFF)
• Auto Bucket: Ctrl + H
• Cannon Reload: Ctrl + Right Mouse Button
• Sword Lunge: Ctrl + Alt + S
• Freeze and Unfreeze the Game Anytime: Ctrl + X
• Toggle On/Off the whole Script: F12

Download Sea of Thieves AHK Multi Hack Free

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