Phasmophobia Hack Silverjet Undetected 2021

Hey gamers, today we are really very proud to announce our first-ever release of a brand new Phasmophobia Hack Silverjet with this hack you can analyze ghosts in-game and check their activity very easily.

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Developer: astron51

What is Phasmophobia Game?

Phasmophobia is a multiplayer game basically 4 players are dropped into a map of the haunted house with paranormal activities in there, so you and your team task are to gather all the evidence, analyze the paranormal activity and find the causes of what the ghosts are doing and after all this, you will need to give this data to ghost hunting team to catch and remove all the haunted ghosts in the house.

So when the game starts you have two choices stay in ven or truck to monitor through CCTV cameras or go inside the haunted location or house and do some heroic things.

  • Multiplayer CO-OP gameplay: as i told you earlier you and other 3 player will be deployed on a haunted location to gather all the evidence and complete the tasks.
  • Equipments: You will have access to a list of some cool ghost haunting equipments and with the help of those equipments you can easily complete tasks.

Features of Phasmophobia Hack Silverjet

Below are some cool features added to this phasmophobia hack silverjet, all these features are undetected and very easy to use on this best-haunted game.

  • Ghost activity graph to monitor what ghosts are doing and where they are hiding.
  • Information of ghosts and there type because there are 10 tyoes of ghosts in thegame.
  • ESP loaction of all the tools and ghosts, tools locations including Fusebox, Bone, Ouija Board, and EMF.
  • In future the developer will add more features to the menu.

How to use Phasmophobia Hack Silverjet?

You will need to follow all the below steps to get working on this phasmophobia hack silverjet if you don’t follow these steps the hack will not work correctly.

  1. Download the phasmophobia hack file from the provided link below and extract it to the desktop.
  2. Now inject the extracted dll file to the game, you can download working injector from our website.

-Adjustable Flashlight ( Intensity and Angle ).
-Option to toggle phrase recognizer.
-Mission Completer base on Metrix’s Phasmo Icetrix.
-Option to show Ghost Box ( Only the box of ghost will be rendered ).
-Pattern scan for all functions needs more testing on other machines.

Download Phasmophobia Hack Silerjet:

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