N3NY000 Mod Menu GTA 5 Online 1.68 Hack Undetected

The Grand Theft Auto 5 Online N3NY000 Mod Menu is a fantastic brand-new Mod Menu Cheat that can be used in both the single-player and online game modes of GTA 5.

N3NY000 is a good mod menu to spend a great time playing in online sessions. Become the ultimate GOD of the lobby by controlling the weather, doing meteor showers, launching missile attacks, and destroying other people’s cargo deliveries.

The developer claims that this menu is undetected and safe. However, it’s important to use a reliable DLL injector.

The N3NY000 mod menu is now working with GTA Online’s latest version of the game.

Hack NameN3NY000 Mod Menu GTA 5 Online
Hack Versionv1.0.3028.0.3
Hack TypeMod Menu Hack
Hack DeveloperTheKingBugga

How to Install GTA 5 Online N3NY000 Mod Menu

  1. You can get the mod menu by clicking on the button that says “Download.”
  2. Extract [N3NY000 1.0.zip->N3NY000 Documents.zip] in the documents folder (Documents\N3NY000).
  3. Extract the file “N3NY000 1.0.zip->N3NY000.zip at any location.”
  4. Put the patched version of “scripthookv.dll” into the ASI loader’s Grand Theft Auto V folder.
  5. You can start Grand Theft Auto 5 with any launcher.
  6. Launch [Nenyooo Injector by subversion.exe] once the single-player mode of GTA 5 has been loaded.

N3NY000 Mod Menu Controls and Using

  • Open key = (controller r1+box) (keyboard f4)
  • Up key = (controller up) (keyboard arrow up)
  • Down key = (controller down) (keyboard arrow down)
  • Back key = (controller back) (keyboard arrow backspace)
  • Select key = (controller x) (keyboard enter)
  • Change options key = (controller left or right) (keyboard arrow left or right)

->vehicle spawner & gift for players (usage)

  1. Get a garage full of free cars (friend or you)
  2. Make sure there is no personal vehicle outside (friend or you)
  3. Spawn a car (you)
  4. Replace with any car (friend or you)
  5. Take it to LSC, then insure it (friend or you or sell it (u can spawn issi and sell it for 1000000$))

Changelog v3.7.0

  • Fixed random crashes only – v3.8.0
  • GTA Online updated the menu to 1.64
  • Updated vehicle list (cars, bikes, and others)
  • Updated ped list
  • Updated object list
  • Mod menu improvements
  • The menu’s sig scanner updated

Changelog v2.2.2

  • added sigscanner into the injector(menu won’t inject if it is detected)
  • now u can save modded vehicles or your favorite modified vehicles. (or the vehicles spawned via menyooo)
  • fixed projectile gun(when u have to press the button each time to shoot)
  • added walk underwater
  • added auto regeneration health or armor or both
  • added unlimited parachuting

Changelog v1.8.0

  • added request control protection
  • added clear task/freeze protection
  • added explosions protection
  • fixed trigger bot
  • fixed some other bugs
  • fixed save position
  • added feature menu tells u if u nat type is strict(not really useful, but its better than nothing)
  • added reports protection

Password: 123

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  1. hey bro this is the most emberessing ever but i aint working.
    2 questions
    1 which map do i have to put the “ScriptHookV.dll”
    and second what button am i supposto click?

  2. works well if you follow instructions. the first time you run the .exe, say yes to everything and it sets it all up. then put scripthook in the asi file inside the documents file. its all described above. my only problem is the menu is a little too large and it runs off the screen, so i cant see the full menu.

  3. The instructions aren’t very clear and don’t add up to anything in the file. Could someone let me know how to do it?