Minion Simulator Script – Free VIP, Auto Farm & More

Hey guys, If you are looking for a new Roblox Minion Simulator Script and want hacks such as a free VIP pass, Auto Farm all pets, Gold Farm, and more, then you are at the perfect location. Here is a list of all working Minion Simulator Pastebin Scripts you can use now.

The Roblox script for the Minion Simulator experience is developed in Microsoft visual code editor and published on the GitHub platform. This script will help you unlock all external features in the game.

Roblox Minion Simulator is a new game made by Liftoff Games where you collect pets called minions. The minions collect gems for you, and you can also open chests, unlock new areas, and trade minions with other players. Try to become the best minion collector in this Roblox game.

You can find hacks on our script list if you want to cheat in Minion Simulator. If you don’t know how to use them, check the FAQ section below. Don’t forget to save this page by pressing CTRL + D on your keyboard or using your phone’s Add to Bookmark button.

Take a look at the best features of the Minion Simulator Script.

Functions of Minion Simulator Script

Here are the features you can get with the help of Minion Simulator hack scripts.

  • Auto Farm
  • Farm All Pets
  • Auto Collects
  • Breakable TP
  • Auto Swing
  • Multi-Farm
  • Gold Farm
  • VIP Pass
  • WalSpeed
  • Player ESP
Minion Simulator Script

If you need a working script for Minion Simulator on Roblox, some currently available can be used immediately.

How to Execute Roblox Minion Simulator Script?

For those unfamiliar with using and executing scripts, here’s a simple guide to get started:

  1. First, Start the Roblox Minion Simulator game.
  2. Open the Roblox exploit executor.
  3. Copy and paste the script into the executor.
  4. Attach and execute the script.
  5. Enjoy the game.

Executing the Minion Simulator Pastebin Script is simple. Just follow the steps we explained earlier.

Executors we suggest for Roblox Minion Simulator:

Here is a complete list of the most recommended executors or exploits for Roblox scripts:

Krnl Executor

JJ Spoilt Executor

Arceus X Executor

Fluxus Executor

That’s it and enjoy the Minion Simulator game.

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