GTA V Online Wasabi Unlocker & Stat Editor

Hey guys, The all new working stat editor and unlock for GTA V Online is now available for free download on our website. The GTA V Online Wasabi Unlocker & Stat Editor is a new menu created by ShinyWasabi, who has also made many other working cheats for the games.

Our GTA V Online Slot Cheat is an easy-to-use menu that can help you edit your stats, unlock cars, clothes, and more, and change your RP level. It’s available for free on our website. Plus, you can even use it to cheat the slot machines at Diamond Casino and win unlimited money.

Functions of GTA V Online Wasabi Unlocker & Stat Editor

  • Set player rank, Arena War tier & Car Meet REP rank.
  • Packed Stat Editor.
  • Write Packed Bools between a range.
  • Int, Float, Bool, String, and Increment stat editor.
  • Date stat Editor.
  • Unlock Awards and Achievements.
  • Unlock almost all the unique items in the game.
  • Global Editor.
  • Get the disabled weapons.
  • Enable/Disable Packed Bools.
  • Some helpful options.
  • ImGui Color Picker.
  • Basic Heist Editor.
GTA V Online Wasabi Unlocker

This menu’s feature allows you to exchange unlimited chips for cash. However, be cautious because it may be detected in the future. It’s best not to use this hack on an account you don’t want to lose due to banning. Consider using an alternate account to hack.

How to Use GTA V Online Wasabi Unlocker & Stat Editor

  1. First, Download the GTA V Online Wasabi Unlocker hack from below.
  2. Extract the downloaded zip file to a separate folder.
  3. Launch the GTA V and do Alt+Tab.
  4. Open GTA and go near the slot machine.
  5. Now open and inject the Wasbi Unlocker into the game process.
  6. Enjoy your improved stats.

Update Changelogs

Update v0.1

  • Re-added Gunrunning Clothes as packed bools
  • Added Get into Personal Vehicle
  • Added Date Editor
  • Added String and Increment, Editor
  • Added unlock Collectibles
  • Added unlock Facility Trophies
  • Added an option to set Car Meet rank 10 REPs lower
  • The menu now shows the range for packed bools
  • Added a temporary error message in case an invalid value is entered
  • Added a confirmation pop-up and a warning message for Player Rank
  • Added ImGui color picker
  • Fixed the SSP2POSIX global

Password: 123

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