Giveaway – 3 Fresh GTA V Online Accounts

Giveaway #3 Results

Giveaway #3 for 3 GTA V Online modded accounts with maxed stats vehicles and more, only premium mods and tools used to boost these accounts.

Giveaway #3 Winner names

  1. Kiritome [YT id]
  2. Toe [YT id]
  3. DOeatLIKEME [Discord id]

Account details emailed to you all, please claim your account in 2 days.

One more thing, we noticed some users who participated in this giveaway used proxy/VPN to join with multiple accounts/IP, those ips are flagged in our system, if we caught you next time your IP will be banned from future giveaways.

Next giveaway date: 22 November 2020

Enjoy, “LUCK”

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