Field Trip Z Script – God Mode, ESP, Auto Heal & More

Hey guys Looking for a working Roblox Field Trip Z Script? We’ve got you covered! Our script has various features that put it ahead of the game, such as God Mode, Heal items, ESP for all players, and more.

Field Trip Z, brought to you by Splitting Point Studios, takes the gaming experience to a new level on Roblox! Players will follow a thrilling narrative as they join a group of kids on a school field trip without knowing that the peaceful educational adventure will soon become an epic zombie fight.

The game brings together strange signs, changed schedules and increased military presence in one crazy world full of action. Take up your weapons and prove yourself as you battle against the relentless zombie onslaught and attempt to survive!

You can use this method to get an edge over the competition. I’ve been utilizing it for a while, but others don’t seem to have picked up on it. It’s useful in everyday scenarios due to features such as GodMode and ESP.

With over 2,000 concurrent players and up to 772 million+ visits so far, Field Trip Z is arguably famous. Now without further delay, below are the best Field Trip Z scripts that feature hacks such as God Mode, Kill Zombies, and more.

Functions of Field Trip Z Script

  • God Mode
  • Get Heal Items
  • Infinite Health
  • Kill Zombies
  • Player ESP
  • Boxes ESP
  • Infinite Jump
  • G PlatFrom Noclip
  • Fly and WalkSpeed

How to Execute Field Trip Z Script

  1. First, Copy the script code from below download button.
  2. Start playing the Roblox game and do Alt+Tab.
  3. Open the Roblox executor you have and paste the copied script code.
  4. Execute and run the script into the game.
  5. Enjoy the game.
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