Farmer Against Potatoes Idle Trainer – Cheat Engine Table

Hey guys, if you are searching for a working free hack for the Farmer Against Potatoes Idle Trainer cheat engine, you have come to the best place and can free download it from this page.

Our free Farmer Against Potatoes Idle Trainer will help you defeat all those potatoes by providing you with the ability of max health, infinite backpack inventory, and more.

Using this Farmer Against Potatoes Idle Cheat Engine Table, you can quickly get an infinite amount of skull and potato currency which then be used to upgrade your weapon and character stats.

Farmer Against Potatoes Idle is a simulation game inspired by the popular game Plants vs Zombies. The players are already enjoying this new adaptation, where you will fight against fatty potatoes as a farmer.

Farmer Against Potatoes Idle game is perfect for all those seeking an action-packed adventure. As a farmer, you must pick up your sword and fight off waves of attacking potatoes by constantly upgrading your stats. The game offers a variety of equipment to choose from, different classes to explore, and numerous talents that can be put to good use.

Functions of Farmer Against Potatoes Idle Trainer Cheat

  • Player Options
    • Max Health
    • Current Health Bar
    • Player Lvl
    • Inventory Slots
  • Soul Exploit
    • Death Count Changer
    • Exploit Death Count
  • Stats Editor
    • Kill Potatoes
    • Whack Score
  • Other Options
    • Potato Amount
    • Skull Amount
    • Skill Points
    • Enemy Spawn Counter
Farmer Against Potatoes Idle Trainer

How to Use Farmer Against Potatoes Idle Trainer Cheat

  1. Click the download button below to get the Farmer Against Potatoes Idle Cheat.
  2. After downloading, extract the zip file to a separate folder.
  3. Open the cheat engine program and load the Trainer CT file.
  4. Launch Farmer Against Potatoes Idle game.
  5. In the cheat engine, select the game process.
  6. Choose the desired cheat options from the cheat table.
  7. Get back to the game and enjoy playing with your newly activated cheats.
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