Among Us Cheat ChristWare Multi Features

Item Type Cheat
Game Name Among Us
Author Name unknown
Source of Item Internet

This is a cheat for Among Us that I’ve been working on for fun the past week.

Today I am back with another new and free cheat but this time it’s a new game that is trending all over the internet and youtube, among us is an old-styled online multiplayer game, and someone already developed a working cheat hack for among us steam PC.


  • Force a meeting
  • NoClip
  • Mark imposters
  • Reset disconnection ban time
  • Spam chat, and force other players to spam
  • A player list displaying imposters, crew members
  • Murder all players instantly as an imposter
  • Instawin as an imposter by the feature above
  • Kill any player
  • Teleport to any player
  • Force a vote on any player
  • Kick any player
  • Instawin as crew by the two features above
  • Close any or all doors, and keep them closed
  • Repair systems (may be buggy)
  • Sabotage systems (may be buggy)
  • Change your color in the game
  • Cycle through colors, rainbow shift
  • Modifiers for:
  • Light,
  • Speed,
  • Kill Distance,
  • Kill Cooldown
  • Make everybody rainbow colors
  • Make everybody swap through clothes, hats

Instructions for use:

  1. Inject ChristWareAU.dll into Among Us.exe using your favorite injector (Should be using LoadLibrary)
  2. Make sure the cheat has successfully initialized in the console that spawns
  3. Press Delete in-game to pull up the men
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