OP DeepWoken Script GUI

The new Roblox deepwoken script is too op that you will enjoy playing the game, we have added awesome auto farm, intelligence farm, and deepwoken GUI exploits.

DeepWoken is a must play Roblox multiplayer story game, the game begins with you on a big sea map full of water and deep sea, the concept of the game is to survive and make your character powerful just like any super saiyyan.

Deepwoken is a new Roblox game with increasing popularity every day, players are joining this amazing game and playing with friends, you should play it once to know how the game mechanism works and why players are loving it.

DeepWoken script Pastebin hacks is a tool created by random developers, the script is being shared on the internet and we found it useful to share with our modders.


  • Auto farm
  • Intelligence Farm
  • Deepwoken GUI
  • Deepwoken Script

How to Execute DeepWoken Script GUI

Below are the introduction to properly use and execute this Roblox script in your deepwoken game.

  1. Copy script code fron the free deepwoken script page.
  2. Download a script executor, we recommend free Krnl executor.
  3. Start deepwoken roblox game.
  4. Paste the copied code in executor and execute the script in game process.
  5. Done, enjoy your game and comment below for any help.
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