Commods 2.1 Free GTA 5 Online Mod Menu

Item Type Mod Menu
Game Name GTA 5 Online
Developer Name Commods
Version Updated 2.1
GTA Online V Supported 1.52

Commods Free GTA 5 Online Mod Menu for pc is a simple and easy to use mod menu for GTA 5 online 1.52 version.

Commods is one of the best free mod menus for GTA 5 out there. provides this menu cheat for free without any single cost. They keep updating the mod menu whenever it’s needed.

If you are thinking of a stealth money option, I am sorry to say you, but there is no stealth money option available for now in this mod menu, but you can use money drop and moded vehicle sell to make some in-game money instantly.

Download Nexo Free Mod Menu For GTA 5 Online 1.52:

Commods Free GTA 5 Online Mod Menu Features and Functions

commods mod menu

Do you know why I like this menu most? Because of its clean and simple layout design, As I told in my earlier mod menu posts, all the GTA 5 cheats contain the same features and options.

Self options god mod and movement changer, vehicle options vehicle spawner and vehicle settings changer, weather changer, an online option with trolling and gifting money, recovery option in which you can drop money and boost your rank quickly.

Download Slay Free Mod Menu For GTA 5 Online 1.52:

How To Use Commods Mod Menu in GTA Online

  1. Start steam or epic games client.
  2. Open the game and go into story mode.
  3. Open commods.exe program and click on inject.
  4. GO back to the game and press F4 to open the menu.


- Added Teleport Gun 
- Added Rapid Fire 
- Added Delete Gun
- Added Airstrike Gun 
- Added Explosive Ammo 
- Added molotov Gun 
- Added Money Gun 
- Added MC Gun
- Added Weather Crash Protection 
- Added Weapon Crash Protection
- Improved Kick Protection
- Smooth Scroll