Blade Ball Script Pastebin – Auto Parry, Block Ball & More

In Roblox Blade Ball, players compete against each other by deflecting a red dodgeball with their blades. They can test their focus, timing, and strategic skills across different game modes, each offering a unique challenge.

However, if you want to win every match and use scripts for defeating opponents or unlocking swords and abilities, we have the solution for you.

With our script, you can do auto-block and auto-parry to instantly dodge and avoid being hit or killed by the ball.

If you are looking for more scripts and want working cheats for games, then check out our free Project Polaro Script and Pull a Sword Script pages.

Functions of Blade Ball Script

  • Auto Parry
  • Block Ball
  • Auto Dash
  • Increase Ball Size
  • Lower Ball Size
  • Freeze ball
  • Teleport to Lobby
  • Infinite Jump
  • Player ESP

List of the Roblox Blade Ball Script Pastebin

If you use the auto parry script in Blade Ball, it will automatically dodge the homing red ball by directing it towards the other player.


To get the key, copy and paste that key URL into the browser, complete the task, and wait a few seconds for the key to appear. Copy the generated key and paste it into the Roblox script GUI.

Keep the Roblox game open while completing key tasks, or it will not work.

Inferno Hub


Bedol Hub Loader

_G.UI_Size = 200

Lumin Hub Loader


Blade Ball Auto Parry Script

If you want to autoparry the ball and dodge it, use this script.

getgenv().ScriptConfig = {
    -- Distance in stud before the automatic triggers,
    -- you may change even after you have ran the script if you desire!
    -- Just be sure to REMOVE the loadstring, or else you will face some... issues
	DistanceBeforeParry = 46,


Script Blade Ball Auto Block Red Circle

-- Auto-Block With Red Circle:
-- Click "X" To Hit (for close battles)
Blade Ball Script Pastebin

Blade Ball Coins Farm Script Pastebin

Use this script if you want wins and infinite coins.


New Blade Ball Script Auto Block Mobile


These are all the Blade Ball scripts that can be used in the game. We will update this page as soon as we get more working scripts.

Blade Ball Script FAQs

Here are some basic questions related to the scripts.

Is Blade Ball Script safe to use?

Yes, This Blade Ball script is 100% safe to use only if you have directly copied it from our website.

However, if you’ve obtained it from elsewhere, it could be malicious. If you use our scripts, your account will remain safe from bans or detection by Roblox’s Byfron anti-cheat.

How to Run Script in Blade Ball?

If you are unsure how to run a Roblox script, below are the steps.

First and foremost, copy the script code to your clipboard.

Now select which executor you want to use.

Start the Roblox game.

Paste the copied script from your clipboard.

Click the Execute button, and that’s how you run a script in Blade Ball.

Recommended Executors for Roblox Blade Ball:

As I said above, An updated Roblox executor is required to use a script in a Roblox game. Below, you can find a list of the most recommended executors.

Synapse X


Krnl Executor

Vega X Executor

JJSploit Exploit

Vega X

That’s it, and enjoy the game.

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