Anime Star Simulator Script – Auto Farm, Click & More

Hey guys, The new working Roblox Anime Star Simulator Script is now available for free download on our website, and you can use this script hack to get unique functions in the game.

The free Roblox script for Anime Star Simulator game will provide you with functions such as auto click, super and ultra punch, auto boost rank up, and many more.

The SBL STUDIO developers have created this fantastic anime star simulator game. This game is based on the anime and manga series one piece. The game was released recently on the Roblox platform and is already on the trading list of the platform.

So, If you want to boost your character level and hatch an unlimited amount of epic and legendary pets, below we have a list of all the active working anime star simulator scripts you can use to gain an advantage in the game.

Functions of Anime Star Simulator Script

  • Auto Farm
  • Auto Click
  • Super and Ultra Punch
  • Auto Rebirths
  • Chi Boost
  • Rank up Boost
  • Infinite Jumps
  • WalkSpeed
  • Auto Upgrades

How to Execute Anime Star Simulator Script

  1. First, Launch the Roblox game and keep it open.
  2. Copy and download the script code from this page.
  3. Open the Roblox executor and paste the script code.
  4. Execute and run the script.
  5. Enjoy the game.
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