Roblox Anti AFK and Kick Script 2022

Here is a script that prevents players from being kicked for being inactive while not actively playing the game. It is very easy to use with minimal GUI and has one primary purpose (AFK). Anti AFK Kick Script, as was previously mentioned, always makes some small actions with your game character Roblox. Due to these actions, receiving a kick for inactivity is almost impossible.

This script does not include any other supplementary functions. As a result, the author of the work came up with it and gave it the nickname Warn. Our team has put this script through its paces, and the results confirm that it is operational; as always, it is available for download from our website.

How to Use Roblox Anti AFK and Kick Script

To obtain the script, please click the button below.

To copy the code that is displayed in the pop-up window, click the button labelled β€œClick to Copy Anti Anti AFK and Kick Script.”

Open Roblox Game

You can get an Exploit by downloading it from our website (Recommended JJSploit)

Simply copy and paste your Script into your Exploit, and then have some fun with it!

Video Gameplay:

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