Radic Mod Menu v3.0 GTA V Online 1.64 Undetected

The Grand Theft Auto 5 Online Radic Mod Menu v3.0 Undetected is a brand-new Cheat that can be used in online game modes of GTA 5.

Radic Mod Menu GTA V Online PC, you can open Recovery Unlocks, Money Drops, Troll Options, Money Bag Guns, and Teleport options.

We recommend using this mod menu in a separate online invite-only session with your friends, by this way, you can be safe from online anti-cheat detection software and bans.


  • Self
  • Mobile
  • Spawn
  • Teleport
  • Vehicle
  • Weapons
  • Spoofing
  • Session
  • Recovery
  • Settings
  • Debug
  • Players


  • Launch: Keyboard: Insert
  • Go Up: Mouse Cursor
  • Go Down: Mouse Cursor
  • Go Back: Backspace
  • Options Select: Mouse Click
  • Change Key: Hotkey

How to Use Radic Mod Menu

  1. Download the latest version of the Radic Menu from our website.
  2. Extract the zip file using 123 as the password if prompted.
  3. Open and run Radic_launcher.exe as admin settings in windows.
  4. Click on generate key or license in the launcher and then follow the steps.
  5. Start Steam or Epic games and click on Insert followed by inject button.
  6. Enjoy, and have a good day playing.

Password: 123

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