Fling Things and People Script – Anti Grab & Super Strength

Hey guys, Use these working scripts for the Fling Things and People Roblox game to auto super throw and claim unlimited cash.

Our script offers many features, such as super throw, auto claim cash, fling everything, super strength, and more. Below, you will find all the working scripts and a guide on how to use them.

Created by Horomori, Fling Things and People is a funny Roblox game where players can lift any object and fling it as they like, they can also lift a player and throw him far away for fun.

Functions of Fling Things and People Script

  • Super Throw
  • Position Damage
  • Silent Aim
  • Anti-Grab / Explosion
  • Teleport (R)
  • Inf jump
  • Auto Claim Cash

List of All Working Fling Things and People Script

Here is the list of all the working scripts you can use in the game.



These are all the Fling Things and People scripts that can be used in the game. We will update this page as soon as we get more working scripts.

How to Execute Fling Things and People Script?

To execute the scripts, follow these simple steps:

First thing, Install an working Roblox script executor on your system.

Start playing the game from the Roblox app.

Copy and paste the script from the above list to the executor.

Click attach followed by inject.

That’s it for this Best Fling Things and People Super Throw Script.

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