How To Download Mods From

Hi, Gamers! Welcome to our guide on How To Download Games Mods and Hacks From Website, many of you reported that you are not able to download mod menus and hacks from our website so we decided to clear your doubts by providing this guide, the main problem some of you face is which links are real and which one is fake so it’s very simple to identify just I will explain you here let’s go and check it out.

Where are the Download Links for the Mods and Hacks

You only need to look for download buttons we have added in the posts, download buttons are added in the right side of the sidebar and the bottom of the posts, as of now we are adding download buttons at the bottom of the posts to clear this I am adding some screenshots to help you find right links.

download button guide 1

As you can see in the right sidebar “Download Mod” button is the original download link to download that mod menu now check the second screenshot.

download guide 2

This type of download button is added to the bottom of the download pages this is our latest style to help you find the original download link.

How to Download Files From Website is a URL shortener website service, downloading files from this site is very easy you need to very captcha and on second screen you need to wait for 12 – 15 seconds to download files, to help you find the correct link we will explain to you how to pass the captcha and download your desired file lets go and check it out.

download guide3

In above image screenshot, you can see a box with “I’m not a robot” on it you need to click on that and pass the security challenge and after completing the challenge click on “click here to continue” box link, this will take you to a final page where you have to wait for 12 – 15 seconds and then a link will appear.

Click on the “Get Link” button in the middle of the page this button will appear after 12 – 15 seconds of wait time after clicking on that button link it will take you to file storage where you will be able to download the zip file of your desired mod or cheat.